Artist's Bio

ART OF DOWEL® originator and artisan, Michael Baron, from his first wood creation at age 6 in Brooklyn, to the present day in New Mexico, sees wood as a medium for artistic expression and versatile function. Initially attending Syracuse University's School of Architecture, he chose to later focus on "inner design," receiving his PhD from the University of New Mexico in 1978 (the year he became the first Lobo mascot in The Pit for the UNM men's basketball team), becoming a licensed psychologist in 1979, and pursuing private practice, Therapy Services, since 1980. Having also served as psychologist to New Mexico's schools, and traveled over half a million miles doing so, he opted in 2010 to forgo being "Road Warrior" and practices solely out of his home office in Corrales. This has also allowed Michael to pursue his 50-year fascination with curvilinear design, with dowels his medium of choice. Click here on Packin' Wood (22mb PDF, It may take a while to download but it's worth it!) to learn the photo-filled story of his evolution as an artist, and how he became a Sexagenarian Fair Newbie.